Tiny Houses

We are an Australian construction company that has been operating for over 18 years,specializing in building sustainable Tiny Houses for individuals, couples, and families. We build each home completely customizable, and with the client in mind at all times. We work with you to build the Tiny House of your dreams! We plan, execute, design, and construct the Tiny House you want to live in. We have over 18 years experience in the residential building industry, and our resume includes construction for luxury apartment buildings, individual family homes, complete home renovations, customized design room additions, and more. 

As it goes to show, we have both the extensive experience and know-how in order to build you the Tiny House of your dreams with both ease and sustainability in mind. And because we have such immense experience in the construction business as a whole, we are able to source low-priced building materials for our projects and bring these savings straight to you. 


We have been constructing tiny houses for the last 4 years delivering from Tasmania to Townsville. We have our very own interior designer to work with you and make your tiny house dream exactly that.

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